Air intake, air filter

My carburator, a dell'arto , has a plastic cover over it, and the air filter seems like it's made out of strands of woven metal. I don't understand how it can draw good air when it's covered by plastic, or how the metal strands can possibly filter air, or be cleaned? I've heard of disposable, replaceable moped air filters on other models. Does anybody know the mystery of how this thing breathes? Thanks

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The carb is designed to draw a certain amount of air with the gas mixture. It has to have a certain amount of vacume to pull the gas out of the venturi to be mixed with the incoming air. If there is not enough blockage (so to speak) then you will change the mixture going into the engine. If you lean it out too much, you can muck up your motor.

The reverse holds true. If you have too much blockage then you will effectively be keeping a choke on constantly. A lot of folks mess with the air filter to try to increase performance. You may be able to help you moped out in this way but you could also find yourself ordering a new filter because you have increased the airflow too much.

What type of moped do you have? If you increase the amount of air going into the carb then you need to go with a larger fuel jet and you have to watch the idle jet and stuff. You can increase performance (unless your bike is already at it's peak) by working with 3 things. Air, fuel and exhaust. You have to keep all three in check. It would do no good to increase the air and the fuel but have no way for it to go anywhere ie exhaust.

The metal strands can be cleaned like any other permenant filter. If it is gummed up, pray it with a carb cleaner or WD 40 or some other cleaner. I've heard of soaking filters in simple green but have never done it myself. If the metal fiber is not attached to any other material then cleaning it would be easy. You can even use compressed air if its dirty and not oily. I worked for a small engine shop for a while and you would be amaized at how dirty the filters would get. They would blow them out several times before completely replacing them. (saved a lot of money that way. Just keep in mind which way the air is going to flow when the filter is back on. You don't want to help it get through the filter and closer to the carb and eventually the motor).


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Crisis--cincinnati /

I have found the cleaning the air filter with brake cleaner is the best. It evaporates much quicker than any other cleaner. And does a hell of a job!

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My air filter is basically shot.. I took it out.. and well I can't get my moped to run.. it never ran to begin with but I ahve checked alot of stuff andf now have spark and gas.. do you think this might have something to do with it?

it seems i get way to much gas. I donot have a clue how to adjust my carberator.

Also evenw ith way to much gas shouldn't it start?

maybe its getting all gas no air.. or without the filter all air and little gas.. I dunno... HELLLLLP

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opps.. sorry it is a 1980 peugeot sp 102

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Crisis--Cincinnati /

an air filter is an air filter. If you are running without one, you will end up with a nasty carb, but initially, it shouldn't have an effect. No airfilter, doesn't mean more air. Does your bike start at all? Have you cleaned your carb? If you are getting too much air, you either need a bigger jet, or less air. If you are getting too much gas, maybe go to a smaller jet. You shouldn't go too long with no air filter dude. Spray the shit out of it with some brake cleaner, or get a replacement.


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I didn't take the air filter out on purpse i pulled the box off when i went to clean the carb and found the foam more like.. paper.. when i took it out it just fell into dust almost. no the bike doesn't run... I just wasn'tsure if there was like a certian presure needed created by the filter.. I hav eno intention of running the moped wihtout a filter. performance wasn't on my mind.. cleaning the carb was.. hehe..

and where int he world can I find a replacement filter for it... I can't even find a mannual for it.. ive tried mopedwarehouse themopedjunkyard as well as others.

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If you can't find a filter element, you can improvise with a couple layers of course weave cloth lightly wetted with oil, or even a little building-insulation fiberglass, and a piece of window screen to keep it from getting sucked into the engine. With something improvised like that though, 1) check all the usual indicators to make sure it's not restricting air flow so much as to make your mixture over rich, and 2) you'll probably have to fool with it more often to make sure it hasn't clogged up.

The thing that's so charming about mopeds is they're really low tech (designed for 3rd world maintenance standards), so you can often improvise if you have to.

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