my moped is running strange

well i bought the moped at a yard sale for 20 dollars and i find out that its a "76" motobecane 50 v. i drove it today after its been sitting for almost two years if not more and after i cleaned out the gas tank and cleaned out the carb (not all of the carb just the part with the idle gas holes) and after a little peddling it started and it was sounding like it was working really hard then it took off like like a bat out of hell. But then after a little up hill riding not even a minute later it started sputtering and wouldnt barely go at all. what do you guys think that it might be. bare in mind im new to this moped thing.


Re: my moped is running strange

Congratulations aon getting your moped and being able to get it running so soon.

Check "Fred's Guide" under "Resources" here and if that don't fix it, you can summon up the motobecane experts here.

Good luck!


Re: my moped is running strange

Make sure your using mixed gas. definately check "Freds guide" and look to see that there isn't any trash in the line that might be going to the carb. The area inside the carb needs to be cleaned as well.


Re: my moped is running strange

well now i have cleaned out the part of my carb with the float and the filter. i think when i cleaned the gas tank it cleaned out the hose im going to try and run it again tommorow. but now i have to put the pedal back together because the peddal assembly was moving back and forth and when it did this it would disengage the generator so i have to find a metric tension pin ( roller pin, split pin)that goes into the hole on the pedal shaft. do any of you know where to get one? because it was too small for a 1/8 size

Re: my moped is running strange good place to check. Doug D

Re: my moped is running strange

Try checking somewhere that sells small engines. Like weedeaters and stuff. Also some place that rents small engines. You can certainly get one over the net but I bet you want to get one tomorrow or Mon.


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