1986 trac

hey i got a 1986 trac for 100 dollars and i need a new piston for any help with finding one would be nice.

Re: 1986 trac

I'm pretty sure www.mopedwarehouse.com will have that,Zach! If not ,call Handy Bikes at 614-299-0550 and ask Bob Jones.Okay?

Re: 1986 trac

thanks a bunch i found a piston kit but is that everything i will need or do i have to get anything else for the piston?

Re: 1986 trac

Hi,Zach! Where'd you find the kit?Also,the kit is all you need if your cylinder isn't damaged AND your rod bearings(top and bottom ) are O.K..Check your clearance of cylinder to piston,and look at the cyl. sealing surface to make sure no pits or scoring are present.Don't install a new piston into a scarred cylinder or a cylinder that is not within reason of stated values for clearances.You don't have to go strictly by their tolerances,but don't go over twice their tolerances.You have to bore or install an oversize kit in that case.Make sure you have no perceptible play up and down at the rod bearing.ONE THING: Install a new needle bearing at the wrist pin if so equipped,and the kit doesn't supply it.(which some don't).

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