Too tall for a moped?

<HTML>I'm 6'3'', am I too big to ride a moped without looking like an ass? Are there specific models that would better suit my height?</HTML>

RE: Too tall for a moped?

<HTML>i'm like 6 foot 2 i think and i get along fine on any moped i've ever ridden. solo cruising to double riding even there's no problem. as for without looking like an "ass" well that's just a matter of opinion. i don't think anyone can look "cool" on a ped at least not in the typical accepted sense. that's kinda part of the fun of it though. moooooooped.</HTML>

RE: Too tall for a moped?

<HTML>if you're concerned about it you might look into the puch magnum - it's really large for a moped. but i don't think that you're height is too much for any moped --- </HTML>

RE: Too tall for a moped?

<HTML>You should get an old Zundapp, Kreidler or Honda SS50, CB50 or CD50.

These mopeds are much better suited for taller people than the modern ones and they look very cool. They're better suited because they don't have a footboard but footpegs and a "buddyseat" so you can deside yourself how far to the front or rear you want to sit.

Honda still builds new 4strokes, but there not exported out of Japan (bummer). If you can get your hands on a Honda Magna50, you'll be the happiest mopedrider in the world (I'd be).

There might be a problem, these bikes are geared. It takes a while to get used to, but when you've got the hang of shifting gears and handling the clutch you'll never want to go back to an automatic ped, believe me.</HTML>

RE: Too tall for a moped?

Ron Heerkens /

If You want a simular bike for the Honda Magna 50, You should take a look at the daughter off Honda Jincheng.

They create a simular type "Knight "JC50Q-8

good luck


For sale in Polen and Danmark as far as I know.

Polen ca 7000 slotty (1900eur)

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