Kryptonite U-Locks

Crisis--Cincinnati /

What is a good kind of Kryptonite U-Lock to get? I don't know anything about them, but I did notice that there is a "MTB", "ATB", some are long some aren't, etc. What is a good one for a moped?

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

XBrandon EdgeX /

I'm not sure on the mtb or atb thing, but I've got the longer one and it works great. Just make sure it's made by the "Kryptonite" company, not a cheap off-brand. I'd say the more expensive the better it'll protect. I'd say the shorter one's would be easier to store, though. I had a hell of a time trying to find a spot to put it on my Puch where it wasn't gonna interfere with moving parts or rub the paint off.

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

Simon King /

One their website they have a <a href=""; target="_blank">list</a> of all their products. They seem to make varieties in either long, fat, or long and fat.A word of advice though is don't bother with the cables, even if they are Kryptonite. They can be cut without much trouble, I've seen it happen.

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

Jamie Leonard /

Well it isn't a bad idea to have a cable lock in addition to a u-lock (since cables can usually be easily stored) - I find the u-locks often can't be placed to connect the bike to a solid object, so in those cases where you have nothing you can get the u-lock attached to, you attach the u-lock to the bike (rear wheel to frame for example) and then attach the cable lock to a light pole or something similar... keeps them from picking up the machine and dumping it into a pickup.

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Crisis--Cincinnati /

I like Jamie's idea to use both. It would make it a little harder to take if you attach your ped to something fixed. I am looking on ebay, and I see a few, but I don't know if they are good or not. I don't want to spend too much money, you know. Thanks for the input guys!

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

i have the big ulock. i've not had trouble fitting it around things. but another lock might be a good idea. i've always found a street sign or thin pole to lock to.

if you can't store your ulock on the bike, then put it in a bag (i almost always carry a small bookbag w/ me) or carry it around your arm (if it's the big one). heck, you can use it as a defensive weapon if it's ready in hand.

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

Guys,I still think the best way is to use one of those alarms which is `toucha my bike' sensitive,accompanied by a strong `American' or equivalent lock on a strong cable or chain.A thief can silently break locks or chains,but if he doesn't see that screaming alarm,he's gonna make noise!Of course Ree's idea of ZAPPING them makes more sense,but I'm afraid I'm too senile to remember to turn it off.YEEoWW!!

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

Crisis--Cincinnati /

I like the weapon idea Miguel. Although I prefer to use my all mighty fists of fury. :)

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

kryptonite u-locks will take a heluvah pounding. you have to use a special bench grinder or near-equivalent to get them off. so no punk thief is gonna get through it. i'm not a big fan of noise alarms since they wouldn't help me. if i'm at my office (on the third floor), by the time i hear (if i even hear it) the alarm, i have to go down three flights of stairs to even be able to see my bike being stolen. i prefer kryptonite u-locks.

i do think kryptonite makes chain locks, too. i'm sure they're just as good.

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I have a question for you guys.

on my peugeot there is a little canister lock that you turn your steering wheel all the way to the right and it kind of like deadbolts the handlebars and front wheel in place to a part on the frame neck so you can't move the wheel. Pretty good device.... However mine came with no key.. is there a palce to get a replacement?

Also do all mopeds have this..

and once more... im thinking if i can't get a key made somehow I might just take a blow torch at school and blow the locking part out and just use the holes.. slip in a big u shaped pad lock threw it.

Re: Kryptonite U-Locks and Stuff.

Reeperette /

Normal cable is worthless....Elevator cable is worth it's weight in gold.

Screamin alarm, well...why would I need to leave the response would be to grab my sawed-off and haul open the window.

Rocksalt, anyone ?

Of course, my variant of the scream alarm is the screams someone makes when they make the mistake of touching metal...Zaaaappp.

I've got alla that works in my closet now, since Fred's trying to figure out why the hell mine won't run right now - which is bizarre, the minnit ya fix ONE thing, something else breaks.

The only simple way to bust a Kryptonite is an old Volvo jack, but I ain't gonna point out what model of car the jack came with for obvious reasons, suffice to say it's been done, but not often enough to worry about.


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I once had an old car with a bad lock... I took it to a locksmith place and they changed the cylinder of the lock and made me new keys.... it's possible they could do that with a moped too :)

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Ron Brown /


My 2 Motobecane model 7s came with these locks and no keys, if yours are the same design, if you can pick the lock the cylinder can be lifted out when in the unlocked position. Then you can find a blank and make a key or use your padlock.

This is not a real secure method of locking but better than nothing in a pinch.


Re: Kryptonite U-Locks

I locked my bike to this pole in my friends basement. And i guess his landlord didnt like where it was and snipped the cable and put in the garage.I was gone for like 2 hours I did have a U lock on it though. I got my moped back but still some one could have snipped that cable put it in the back of a truck and tried messing with the lock later. The point is you will probably never see your moped again.Id get that u lock fuck it buy 2 of them make sure those shit head theives dont get anything from u.

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