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<HTML>I recently purchased a Puch moped in great shape. The previous owner lost some of the paperwork and I don

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<HTML>If it's an Austro-Daimler or similar model, the mix should be 1qt of 2cycle oil to 5gallons of gas, but i do not recall offhand exactly what the Ratio Numbers for that would be (25:1 maybe?)

Try this - unscrew the gas cap and see if there is a measuring tube on the underside of the cap...the ratio might be on there, in some Puch models.

Don't ever try to eyeball-mix or guess though, it's a recipe for disaster.

Post whatever the model info is, and that someone should know, it's usually 25:1 or 50:1, far as i know.



RE: Puch fuel ratio

<HTML>My manual says the proper ratio is 25 to 1 if using motor oil (smokey and yecky!). If using petroleum based two-stroke oil the mixture is 50 to 1, or about 3 1/2 ounces per gallon (this ratio is usually printed on the back of the plastic container), which is what I use. If using synthetic based lubricants the ratio is 100 to 1, but that requires a pure gasoline (no pre mix of oil in gas) flush of not only the tank but also the carb and combustion chamber, as the petroleum and synthetic do not mix, but (from what I understand) gel. I use Amilie two stroke oil myself, the proper ratio is printed on the container. Ride Safe, know what's coming up behind you, and never take chances out on that highway.</HTML>

RE: Puch fuel ratio

<HTML>Puch Maxis should be 50:1 regular gas to 2 cycle motor oil. Use a synthetic 2 cycle motor oil if you can afford it. It is a little more expensive but it keeps your spark plug cleaner longer, prolongs engine life and runs much cleaner(little or no smoke.)

You can get the oil at motorcycle shops.

As far as the math, mixture should be 2% 2 stroke motor oil

1 gallon = 128 U.S. Fluid ounces

X .02 =

2.56 ounces or 2.6 ounces of 2 stroke motor oil to a gallon can.

hope this helps.

Happy Trails



RE: Puch fuel ratio

Fuel ratio of 50:1 of "fresh" mix oil and a decent summer octane gas works for me. Plus my 78 Puch says not to use unleaded gas. Putting in a "splash" of lead additive seems to keep the Puch happy. Recently found adding 10% model airplane fuel, a "splash" or less than 1/2 oz to gallon of mixed fuel seems to increase rear wheel spin rate at idle and also top end power (governor still attached).

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