brake part.. need help

hey all.. I just got a set of new bike cables for my puegeot.

well they wont work just like i thught they would. the rear wheel brake lever was brokedn so I baught a used one from a buy at the motorscycle shop he had a box of moped crap and had an exact match. however... niether the new one or my old one has the screw in peice that secures the brake line to the actualy lever housing so when you mash the brake line the whole bable doesn't move and not retract.. this thing looks like a screw.. it has to be hollow I guess.

if anyone has one laying around could maybe someone donate me one...

Im sure you could send it in the mail.. if not just tell me where to get one. the bicycle place told me they dont have any becuase there bike cables come precut and exact fit for each diffren't bike model.

thanks a bunch.. ps it is the same style as a motobecane from the pictures i've seen. Thanks.

Re: brake part.. need help

Call `Mopedwarehouse or Handy Bikes.They should have them.If not,send me your mailing address and I might have an extra one.But those come in 2 sizes,the most common being the largest.I'm sure on a hefty Peugeot it's the larger one.On my Sebring at the rear wheel it's the smaller one.Don't know the millimeter sizes.I'm

Re: brake part.. need help

Thanks don... btw my name is don too.. maybe I should be don-georgia

Nahh.. dont want to steal your style.. hehe I apreciate the offer.. I actualy have a freind that works for walmart in the bicycle shop I described what I needed and he yanked one off a bike for me that was returned. If it works that's Great if it doesn't though I might have to take you up on the offer.. he only has that one size.

I'll know for sure tommorrow.. I left the moped in the shop at school tonight.

Re: brake part.. need help

Hey! So you're` Donald Duck',right?From Georgia? I'll take your weather in the winter and you can have mine in the summer.I like using my state as a suffix because it gets you many e-mails from people of your own state that may have some good info. or just want to say `HI'.Go ahead and make it `don-georgia' if you want.You know,it's like when you call into a talk radio station.I'll say something like `I'm Don from Jackson,OH'.....Oh,and if that piece doesn't work out,and if I have a spare,I'll be glad to mail you one,no charge.But I'll be offline most of the time after 7 pm tonight because this will start my SEVEN DAYS OFF WORK !!YEEEIIIPPEEEEE !! And I don't have a home PC.By the way,that was nice of the Wal Mart guy to try to help.(:>)

Re: brake part.. need help

Duck.I mailed that out yesterday after forgetting for 2 days.Sorry! I cut a groove in it in case you needed it.Hope it helps!

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