What is "IT" ???

Has anyone heard of "IT"??

Anyway, I think we will find out on DEC 03, 2001.

I really want to know what "IT" is, so if anyone knows, let me in on "IT".

Re: What is "IT" ???

A Steven King novel?

Re: What is "IT" ???

Which was later made into a movie.

Re: What is "IT" ???

This "IT" is new, and it's not a novel. It's an invention of some kind.


I'm puzzled by "IT" I'm glad I just found out about "IT" because I'm sure it would drive me crazy, if I had to think of what "IT" was all year.

Like I mentioned, the "IT" sources say "IT" will be revealed on DEC 03, on the Good Morning America show.

Again, please let me know if you know anything about "IT"


Re: What is "IT" ???

To quote Faith No More:

"It's It! What is It? It's It! What is It?"

Seriously though, I have no idea.

Re: What is "IT" ???

AW! Don't get your hopes up.What some of those inventors think is momentous may be `chopped liver' to the common person on the street.I can wait the 5 days easily.`Course it could be somethin' really ingenious for mopeders like the `POPEIL'S POCKET FISHERMAN' !!! (:>)

Re: What is "IT" ???

XBrandon EdgeX /

Wasn't IT already revealed on an episode on South Park a couple weeks ago? :)

Re: What is "IT" ???

Brandon-- That's too funny.. I saw that episode, and it seems like south park was lampooning the "IT" craze. I didn't realize it until you mentioned that.

I've seen some pics of something called "Ginger" but I'm not sure that's "IT"

I think, like Mr. Garrison's "IT" that it may have to do with gyroscopic control.... perhaps some hydrogen?

Steve Jobs (formerly the Chief at Apple) claims whole cities may be built around "IT".

Shhhhhhh......It's around the corner.

Re: What is "IT" ???

There's been a lot of hype and artificially induced suspense around the "It" product launch, as a marketing ploy.

My guess: It's a one-wheel electric goped using gyroscopic feedback to take care of fore/aft balance. Lean forward against the stick and the motor turns the wheel forward to recover its balance (and make it go forward); lean backward to slow or stop. The technology isn't terribly complicated (a fairly simple feedback controller driven by a low end gyroscope, position encoder and microprocessor to generate control outputs). Old industrial technology, basically.

If my guesses are correct, I'll consider it a pretty cool, cute device suitable mainly for urban commuters (short trips, congestion and bad parking situations), and probably horribly priced. There may be problems with licencing authorities, with the mfr claiming it should be unregulated like wheelchairs, and bureaucrats claiming it's an electric motor vehicle needing tags. (Wouldn't that be typical?)

Of course, I could be totally off the mark, too...

Re: What is "IT" ???

Information Technology?!

Re: What is "IT" ???

Ron Brown /


Where was this appearance on GMA mentioned?




Ron, here's the link to the GMA article, below. You can get there from the URL above as well.


Ginger (

Re: http://www.theitquestion.com/

J. Sailor /


Steve Jobs is still CEO of Apple.

Re: http://www.theitquestion.com/

Well, yes...but he wasn't for quite awhile, Then he took the job back, but for no pay... or something like that.

Was it Sun micro he was working on...?

Anyway--thanks for the correction--

Have you had any older macs? I had an mac SE, and before that an Apple //e

I got the upgrade for the //e ...if I remember it had 64k of total ram.... what a riot-- AFTER the upgrade it had 64k....I think it had 32k off the go.

before that... a Vic 20.... I think that had 4k of RAM..... running at like 10mz

Does anyone remember 300 bps modems??

How about the upgrade for the atari 2600 that added a numerical keypad... you could play number games and do math......

Or a Big-Trak?? man... that had to have been my favorite toys... it was a programmable tank that would fire lasers and such.. not RC though... you had to program it to go where you wanted to go with it... if you didn't calculate the path right, it might bang a left too soon and drive into the wall.


What is "IT" ? (Photo)!!!!!

Here is what I think it is. I'm not sure.

A gyroscopic-hydrogen powered 2-wheeled personal transportation device that goes for 80 miles and produces no emissions.


Re: What is "IT" ? (Photo)!!!!!

gimmyjimmy /

needs a windshield and wheel lights, where's the boombox go?

You related to me or what ?

Reeperette /

I have just about all that stuff, Wayne...I collect it.


Re: What is "IT" ???

Here you go. (About what I expected, including price.)


Re: What is "IT" ???

gimmyjimmy /

Thanks, Mr. Nyberg for that link,

Ginger had been discussed on this forum for almost a year and finally it has been brought to the public as a revolutionary means of travel, but as Kamen says:

"why use a 4000 lb vehicle to haul a 150lb ass around?"

90lb mopeds have been doing it for 30+ years, but "Segway" IS the shit!

put me on the list Amazon. (but I heard for 2K)

Re: What is "IT" ???

steve jobs (apple founder) left apple after former pespi ceo took over. he came back after gil amelio nearly wrecked apple. he recives $1 per year salary (though many other perks). he never worked for sun.

after leaving apple, jobs founded next (a new operating system) and also worked with pixar. now he's back at apple. and i'm excited. he's already doing an awesome job as ceo! go apple!!

cool video

gimmyjimmy /

and product info:


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