Gas hole in motobecain?

<HTML>i just put gas into my motobecain and it leaked from some hole all over what is that whole /?

joe </HTML>

RE: Gas hole in motobecain?

<HTML>Hope it's not what I think it is, Joe.

Could be your fuel tank has rust through hole in the bottom. This is not good as there is no good way to seal this kind of leak, and since the gas tank is part of the frame, this could compromise the structural strength of the frame.

On the other hand, maybe the petcock is loose. Hope it is.

Good luck.



RE: Gas hole in motobecain?

<HTML>It coulb be a leaking feultap, I've had that twice.</HTML>

RE: Gas hole in motobecain?

Simon King /

Do you mean a hole in the bottom of the tank - or through the hole in the top of the gas cap? The hole in the gas cap is there to let air out - and if that's the case, I imagine that only a bit leaked out and you filled it just a tad bit too full.

If it's out of the bottom, then there are some more serious problems. A hole in the gas tank, broken hose that runs to the carb, etc.

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