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<HTML>I recently purchsed an old Puch Moped. It seems to be in good shape, but I can't get it to turn over. Any suggestions? How do I find the model and year? Thanks for your help.


RE: Need general Info

<HTML>follow the guide on this site to help get it running:

as for model and year determination - ??

that's kinda hard for anyone to tell over the net.</HTML>

RE: Need general Info

<HTML>if it doesn't turn over, it could be a few things.

If the bike has been standing still a long time, without a carb on it, or with the carb in an open position, the piston could be rusted onto the cylinder.

The previous owner could have had a .... what's it called in english .... well, the piston could be jammed into the cylinder because of a broken pistonspring.

You could have a broken gearbox (if it has gears, I don't know)

The crankshaft could be broken (I mean in-2-pieces-broken)

Anyway, you should disassemble the cylinderhead, cylinder and piston and (maybe) split the engine. When you close it up again, be sure to use new gaskets.</HTML>

RE: Need general Info


i have a puch owners manuel and haynes repair manuel for puch............sell all

for $20.00 plus shipping

let me know


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