any fla/ga mopders?

Hey anyone else from Florida or Georgia that might like to start a south eastern ride? I'd like to get some people together, load up the bikes and meet up and maybe tour difffren't towns in the area. Heck.. just around my town would be great.

I live in southern georgia.. about an hour and half from jacksonville.. theres got to be some mopedser out that way... and I would think there might be some in Atlanta.

I know there are alot of scooter shops near all the beaches... surely theres some moped shops and people too!

Re: any fla/ga mopders?

Arterious /

I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could get my ped registered =( I live in Cape Coral FL, bit of a ride to get up towards jacksonville but heh wouldn't kill me on a weekend.. just gotta get around the damn FL laws.

Re: any fla/ga mopders?

I live near atlanta

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