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I have a question about Vespa Piaggio CIAO engines. Are they interchangeable between the years? Do they have the same engine? Same size and all?



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all vespa ciao engines are interchangeable.

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I am wanting to know about the gearing on the Vespa `peds?Is the transmission up front or at the rear wheel or where?And what kind of gears do they have?Thanks!

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Vespa mopeds have variator belt drives in them, but they do have a gear reduction trans connected to the back wheel. I'm not sure if different gears are available, though.

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Thanks,X-Brand! I'm always wondering about gearing mods for `peds.If the drive chain didn't turn so fast I would think we could put a derailleur on the rear wheel and get `Whoa NellieBelle' hill climbing power!I'm still thinking about trying that one.

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A single speed Ciao has a gerabox in the rear wheel like the variable speed models, but I would think the ratios are different since the single speed model has more rolling resistance to overcome than a variator equipped model.


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Thanks,Jim.I was hoping the gear changing was in the rear `cause I'm always pondering a better gear set-up for a little 50cc.I'll think of something one of these days if I keep listening to you guys.

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