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In a gallon of premium gas,there are supposedly more BTUs(potentially)than in a gallon of regular unleaded 87 octane.The trick is to see if your car or `ped LIKES the higher octane.I've always done it by checking my gas mileage under identical conditions and trips.I KNOW,some won't believe this,but little brother does.Back in 1979 he had a new Ford Fairmont,4-cyl..He and I were working together in the evenings loading pop trucks for extra income.He was complaining about the pitiful 23 mpg or so he was getting.I told him to run the premium gas and it would pay him back in gas mileage.He didn't believe it.We did the test on a couple of long trips and he gained 4 mpg! He was amazed `cause he did the driving and comparing and knew there was a considerable difference.Now I've tried 92 octane in my Franco-Morini and my Aerostar van and it just doesn't seem to help at all.So to really find out just run your car to empty and fill her with premium and do the same driving you did with the reg. gas and compare mileage.But if your car is pinging and it's tuned properly,you shouldn't run 87 octane anyways.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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