advice needed.

Hey gang.. im writting once more on the brink of getting this damn thing started.

Im about to pull my hair out.. I love it and working on it but at the same time.. it's killin me slowly with anticipation.. everytime I think I got it, I hop on pedal till im blue and not much of anything happens.

I have spark for sure.. after rewireing everything cleaning and sanding and resetting the points I think I could almost pedal the moped , pull out the spark plug and weld with it. :0)

Okay compression.. reads at about 77 ... I figure pretty good for a moped.

thirdly GAS... well I have had huge success with undoing someones else nightmare.. they tried to fiberglass a crack in the tank... well first time I put gas in it it all ran onto the ground becuase the resen just melted. I used jb weld.. it worked for a while.. then eventualy soldered it..

I tried to clean the carb, took it off and blew it out using carb and compresed air. it is a gunter carb btw.

put it back on.. but on the air box the "filter" was more like um.. not foam anymore maybe like ummm.... paper.

and the gasket ripped.

okay this leads to anouther problem.. now that my airbox is filter less becuase it crumbled what do I do. secondly the damn thing is leaking pure gass form airbox now.. I dont understand how or why.. well maybe becuase the gasket is no longer there... but why would gas leak from the intake side? I dunno..

okay also.. can someone please tell me basic starting procedures for it. From what I can tell it is almost like a motobecane. (1980 peugeot sp102)

I've tried almost everyway I can think. Thanks.

Re: advice needed.

You may be flooding out,because of needle valve not seating.That'll make it REALLY hard to start.Pedal it hard,stop and pull the plug,and if it's wet with gas,it's flooding out on you.Ron's our resident Motobecane physician and maybe he'll advise you.

Re: advice needed.

if the motobecane/peugeot is like the vespa grande (belt driven and all), you have to start it by pulling on the decompression lever (the small lever on the left handle bar) to get it to turn over, then let go of it and pedal until it starts. but ron can give you better advice.

oh ... and be sure the kill switch is set to "run" or "start". an all-too-common mistake. ;-)

Re: advice needed.

Does your engine have a reed valve? If so, check and see if it has some trash under it, holding open. Another check: drop the exhaust and try to start it. I had a A3 Tomos doing about the same thing, and found that it was firing at the wrong time, the flywheel was loose and wallered the crankshaft pin out. Must of peddled it 5 miles up on my stand! Hope this helps! Doug D. PS> Your turn Mr Ron :-)

Re: advice needed.

okay miguel... question for ya.. what does a redd valve look like.. where is it located and how does it work? heheh..

Im pedeling alot with no go...

Re: advice needed.

Miguel... should it be able to turn with the the decompresion valve not pressed in... if so I might have bigger problems then I expected. I check for compresion it has compresion...

okay... I pedeled till I was blue with the compresion lever held open while he choke was open too.. I would just release the decomp during pedaling my arse off and I felt a little drag but nothing really diffren't.

I also noticed today for some reason that I could turn the pedal over a crap load but it only "caught" and turned the motor over very little.. almost randomly as to where before it would turn it over pretty much with ever revolution of the pedal.. or atleast I think is what it did...

can you please help... I got a little trigger happy with the power lube on my chain and think I soaked the clutch? where the belt hooks onto it.. would that cuase it to slip and not turn the motor over?

Thanks in adavance..

Re: advice needed.

I don't know the bike very well... but .. yes.. get the chain lube off the clutch as soon as possible... get a can of Brake Cleen and hose the chain lube off the clutch.

Re: advice needed.

Ron Brown /


I guess I am being paged here. : )

I am sure there are differences between Peugeot and Motobecane but here goes.

First, fix the problem of gas flowing out of the air cleaner. You have a float/float valve problem of some kind. Check that the float is installed with the point up if it is a round float. Make sure that the float has no liquid in it and that the needle and seat are clean and in good condition. While you are in the carb, use a magnifier and make sure the main jet and all the passageways in the carb are clean. Carb cleaner and air will often leave a crud stuck to these making them smaller.

The function of the decompressor is just to get the engine turning fast enough for the clutch to engage. As soon as it does this, you should release the lever.

After you fix the carb flooding problem, you will need choke to start it. Release the choke when it starts and just apply it momentarily to keep it running until it warms up enough.

Don't worry about the air filter or air box gasket until it is running.


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