97 Tomos Targa LX Fuel injection

Hakachukai /

<HTML>I've been considering trying it. Do you guys think it will work?

I'm going to remove the carb, and replace it with a piece of PCB plastic pipe. Then I'll mount the fuel injector through the side of the pipe. That way air still flows normally, but you can add as much fuel as you want at any given RPM.

I haven't figured out how to run the fuel pump yet though, and how to control how much fuel gets injected.

Does anyone know how those injectors work? Are they voltage controlled or something?

Even if I did all of this, would I get enough power to be worth it?</HTML>

RE: 97 Tomos Targa LX Fuel injection

<HTML>It'll never work, it won't even run. What will work is a BIGGER carb. A turbo doesn't work either, that only works on fourstrokes. Really the only things to do with a 2stroke is a big carb, more cc's, advancing ignition and a race-exhaust.</HTML>

RE: 97 Tomos Targa LX Fuel injection

<HTML>Check out www.orbeng.com for cool two stroke direct injection (the new Aprilia SR 50 scooter for 2000 is already implementing it.</HTML>

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