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i just got back from my first ride no my newley rebuilt 70cc tomos. as some of u may know last summer i got a 70cc bore kit for my tomos... that didnt last very long. the crank literally blew to pieces. well actually the main bearing did. not a big suprise considering the engine was a 92 and had 23,000 miles on it. anyways it left a big scratch in the cylinder. the piston was real bad. so i bought a new piston. then i got a new crank. i bought all new bearings for it. new seals and fixed a heap wrong w/ the bike. it took me from last night to today to get it running and all tuned. it runs sooooo sweet and quiet. im used to a lot of engine noise, this thing is very quiet. and the engine doesnt leak for once. the only thing wrong now its a slightly leaky pet-cock and a back brake cable problem. after that the bike will be great. if anyone was thinking about getting a 70cc kit i warn you now... make sure you ether have a farely new engine that has no engine noise or replace the crankshaft and the bearings. trust me you will be glad you bought the kit. quarter throttle it goes about 25. when i had the kit on the other engine it would do about 52 on flats and it would get up there really quick. oh and the avanti people. your kit is crap!!! my kit included a cylinder/piston kit new head all gaskets a new amal carb and a new bi-trubo. all for 350. and the kit adds heaps of power. well happy mopeding all.

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Sadly, you seem to be one of the few people who rave about the 70cc kit. Lots of other people have seen mucho trouble.

Are you a really good mechanic? I'm scared of the engine damage most people claim to have had after the upgrade


well the thing is that if you run it full throttle everywhere and ride with no moderation to speed then of course its gonna blow. and if you sit there with the brakes on and hit the gas, yes the clutch will go bye bye. but if you ride nice and easy and only use the lots of extra power to get away from a cage pusher than the kit should last a while. the thing i like to do is go 30 on 25 roads and then when a cager phucks w/ me i gas it....... give it 20 seconds and you at 50 mph and they are 300 feet and opening. the look on thier face is somewehre between WHAT THE FUK and damn thats fast. oh and something else i forgot to put in the original post i matched the block transfer ports to the new cylinder. that adds a good amount of extra power. i am very happy with that kit. and yes i have seen every nook and cranny of that tomos and im only 15. ive been working on it for about a year and knew nothing about em b4 so i guess i am a good mechanic. i could prolly solve any problem given about the bike. oh and another thing that could make or break the kit is the skill of the rider. if your a fairley good mechanic and know your way around pretty well then you will be satisfied but if your a num nuts and just bought the kit to go FASTER than good luck with the hospital bill not to mention the bill for the ped. well happy pedin' .oh and another rider who is happy with thier kit is steeltoad. he hasnt seen a problem yet i understand.


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I did a Puch Magnum II this past summer and haven't had any problems at all...after I got it installed that is. The major headache was getting the carb mounted. My shift points and top speed are/were roughly the same as Mike's. 25-30mph for 1st gear and ~52-55 on top end until I put a 36 tooth rear sprocket on it. I hope to find a 20 (replace the 18) for the front. I haven't checked the top speed yet with the 36 on. I still have to re-jet the carb as well. With the way my carb is mounted the air intake points to the front of the bike. At top speed it bogs some because too much air is entering the carb.


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What is your RPM at 35 mph?

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i am not sure, why do you ask?

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Unnessarily high rpm will wear your engine very quickly or even blow it. With all your new found power, you should consider a sprocket change. Simply, remove the magneto cover, mark the back wheel and the fly wheel, squeeze the starting clutch and rotate the fly wheel until you get one turn of the back wheel. The wheel circumference is 69 inches. The math is up to you.

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