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I was just wandering how popular are Vespas. I was wanting everyone that had a Vespa to reply to this mesage and say what kind and shape your moped is in. This way other people will know who to talk to. Thanks


To start Ive got 1974 Vespa Piaggio CIAO that doesn't run at the time, but I'm workin on.

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Check the owners registry on this site and do a search on Vespa. It should show you everyone that has a vespa and maybe their email address. It will also show you ALL moped owners in your state.

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Hello Chris, I own 3 vespa peds, a 78 ciao (almost running, needs a new carburettor) a 79 ciao (running like a champ) and a 78 bravo (not running, needs new points and condensor). I also own a 79 p200e scooter (not running, is in mid-restoration, hopefully will be on the road in the springtime).

What is wrong with your 74 ciao?

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Hey, I've got a 1980 Vespa Rally Sport ..

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Mine, with a rebuilt top end, has been and still is a very reliable moped. Almost 1700 miles since I did the engine without a problem, except for the time a piston ring got stuck.

I blame that on the design of the replacement piston, though. Instead of being the same diameter as the rest of the piston, the area above the top ring is slightly smaller, so the cross-section of the ring is kind of an "L" shape instad of being square.

Carbon worked its way under the top of the ring and got it stuck. The original piston was of a conventional design

Interestingly enough, Kinetic mopeds' replacement pistons are of the conventional design. Kinetic is an Indian copy of the Vespa.


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never heard of a vespa rally sport ... or do you mean garelli rally sport? or is it a scooter?

anyhow ... i have a red 1984 vespa grande. she's in pretty good shape and runs well. it has a bad center stand (so she tends to want to fall on her left side). also i still don't have a decompression cable (but it's coming), so i have to lean down and manually hold the decompression in when i start her up. but she rides well.

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I have a blue 76 Ciao, a red 78 Bravo, and a red 78 Grande. All look and run great with nice chrome and paint. I also have a light blue 80 Grande which I'm restoring to run fast...

Miguel, once I find someone with a digital cam, I'll send you a pic of that spare centerstand and we'll get you fixed up.

Chris S

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The rally sport is a scooter, miguel. I bet you would love it.

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I've got a 79 Vespa Grande (although, I'm more of a Puch person). Right now, it only does 27mph, but the outlet on the exhaust is smaller than a dime. I have a better exhaust I'm gonna put on this week. It's a fun bike with a lot of low end power. About all I've done with it so far is clean the carb and fix a little bit of wiring and other odds and ends, but it's a nice bike. It rides like a cadillac!


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I have a 72 ciao that I found put out for trash last May. After many hours work and help from the people on moped army mine ran great for the summer.I've taken the engine out now with minor problems but really look forward to spring.Check out vespasupershop for parts and a service manual. bruce

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I've got a 1980 Vespa Si that I am retooling at the moment. I plan to have it up and running soon.

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