just a rumor

Now I say that because I havent seen it myself, but a friend who owns a bike shops told me about it so I tend to believe its true.... He knows a guy who stuck a honda 50cc 4speed on a Tomos with very little engineering..apparently it screams pretty good and he hasnt been caught shifting gears yet. they have been making that same motor for like 40 years and still make it and damn it all to hell don't ya know I threw one out a few years ago...Rog

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Reeperette /

Yeah, can be done.

The Tomos frame can fit ANY engine with a certain kind of mount as long as you can get the chain to line up, the plates the bolts go through are just welded on, and you can weld on wider ones, or drill holes, etc....allowing some hella engines to be mounted there, as long as they are overhead bolt-thru mounts, and the chain lines up, yer all good.


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what engine would that be, what model bike off of?

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Oli, 50,70,90,110, cc Honda motors are all the same it is a horizontal engine CT,CL,QA they are all the same except trannys come in Automatic,3-speed and 4-speed and clutchless 3-speed and now come with electric start...Rog

Re: just a rumor

Do you know the honda engine type? I rode a friends CR-80, and that thing was a screamer--

Please post more information about this engine swap... ! That's one way to have a moped that will do 60 MPH----!

Honda on Tomos frame

Hey, Rog, if you can get any more info from this guy, I'd be interested....

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