Moped Murders (photo)

Tuesday, 20 November, 2001, 16:06 GMT

Benin's mystery moped murders

Cotonou moped taxi drivers are now running scared

By Karim Okanla in Cotonou

Security forces in Benin are on alert following a wave of gruesome murders targeting moped taxi drivers.

Seven drivers of the so-called "take-me-bump-bump" mopeds have been slain in recent weeks in the capital Porto-Novo and the main city of Cotonou.

Unknown attackers shot the drivers either in the back or in the head and dumped the bodies on the pavement before making off with their mopeds.

Television footage of a freshly murdered "take-me-bump-bump" rider was broadcast in Cotonou at the weekend.

Joint patrols

Local police told the BBC that joint police and military units were now patrolling the city at night.

Many residents will be walking home now

But the police source also said moped riders would be wise to avoid many neighbourhoods of Cotonou altogether after dark because of the lack of street lighting.

The moped drivers union has also banned riding between 2300 and 0600 local time.

One driver said the measure would probably save lives but added that night-shift workers and those with no transportation of their own would suffer.

Re: Moped Murders (photo)

Ron Brown /


How about a geography lesson? Where is this place?



Cotonou Benin - Destination-Information


Cotonou is the capital of Benin (formerly Dahomey), situated along the Gulf of Guinea. It is the starting point of the so-called Benin-Niger Railway, which extends 273 miles (439 km) into the interior but ends in the middle of Benin at Parakou. Goods can be moved another 200 miles (322 km) by road to the navigable Niger River. Modern artificial deepwater port facilities at Cotonou to serve both Benin and Togo were completed in 1965.

Cotonou is the economic hub of Benin and is the nation's largest urban centre. Its industries include brewing, textile production, and palm-oil processing. The country's president and most government ministers reside in Cotonou. The National University of Benin (1970) is also located in the city. Pop. (1992 est.) 533,212.

Re: Benin

Ron Brown /

Thanks Wayne

Moped Taxi ? They shoulda hired me.

Reeperette /

I hack a Flint...and all the locals are too scared of me to rob me.

I figure these jerks would wind up in a ditch somewhere with a chain wrapped around their neck, had one of them drivers been me.

No matter HOW many times Society and the Cops LIE to you about it...

Cooperate with the robber = BAD IDEA, get it ?

Robbing and shooting an unresisting person is quite easy, and life is cheap.

Robbing, much less shooting, someone trying to break yer head, is NOT easy, and most criminals of this type are criminals cause of lack of spirit and discipline, no staying power, as it were - if they meet serious (effective!) resistance, they flee, and find another target.

Simple as that.


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