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Hey everyone... Im sure you guys have all read atleast one of my posts right now.

Often they are very mispelled with bad grammer and lack of punctuation.


I just wanted to introduce myself and thanks you all for a very helpful board.

My name is Duck Altman (I registered) I am from a very small town in South Georgia named Valdosta. There is very little if any other moped owners and riders or service shops here. I am in my last quarter of automechanics at our local technical college. I have also worked in the field for about 6 years now.

let me tell you my story.. :0)

I lived on a dirt road when I was around 14 and 15 years old. My grandfather went to a flee market in florida and somehow wound up with a moped.. I wanted a go cart like my freinds had to race.. but hell I was happy with the moped. that thing seemed like it would fly up and down those dirt roads like a leer jet in clear open skys.. it was bright red and had all sorts of chrom and cool stuff on it.

well it ran great for abou 5 months maybe 6 and then it just wouldn't hardly ever start.. soemtimes it would sometimes it wouldn't. My mother hated it and This just gave her a reason to get rid of it. well I went out of town for a week on a church mission trip and it was gone. My mother had giving it to her freinds father.

(the bike now I think only needed a new battery.. I hav eno idea what brand it was becuase the only writing on it was japanese skript. It had a really cool gas tank and reserve that was under the seat.. it also had turn signals a horn, key ignition and storage space under the seat.. im guessing it was a 70's model by looks.

Anyways... well I didn't know much about them so i was kinda upset i wanted to fix it my my pops had no idea about cars... well when i started highschool this damn moped got meso curious i went into autoshop in school and fell in love with it. after 4 years in highschool I naturaly just progressed to auto mechnics college.

The whole time I would always give my mom hell about giving away my ped.

my first year in college we went to a local swap meet and There she was MY old moped and the same guy that my mother gave it to was sitting there with a for sale sign in his truck. I was going to steal it back (yeah right i could never be so cool) but instead i talked to the guy he told me he was selling it for 200 bucks but if i gav him 150 i could have it.. (it still didn't run and remember my mother gave it to him for free) I agreed and he told me he would drop it off at my house the ext day and pay for it then..

never saw him agian.

Anyways.. it got me to thinking and tlaking about the moped agian and my last year last quarter of tech school the swap meet came back .... we went agian as a class and I jokingly told everyone iw as going to get a moped.. they all said shut up man... blah blah.. just joking around.

well. I spoted some handles bars in the back of a broke down beat up rust bucket truck and saw the owner... a big fat redneck with overalls and a beer. I bullshited him for about 10 minutes and he was asking 100 bucks... I told him I dunno... semmed high id give him 50.. he said heck no.. I said well nevermind... I walked around agian about 3 horus later i came back and said.. he I see you still got that old bike there.. anyone looking at it.. he said no.. not yet... you know what ill take 50 for it... I said nah.. im not intrested anymore I don't think I saw a nicer one around the coner (lying ofcource) well I walked around till dark and then came back I said man... I can't give you the 50 bucks for it.. but here ill give you 25..

the guys said no I cant do that... so I handed him 3 tens and a couple of ones.. probly like 32 or 33 bucks and put it in his hand.. he said sold!...

I had no idea what i just baught the condition.. all I knew it was a light blue moped.

I got it home and cleaned it up peugeot 102 sp... did some surfind and found zippy's discusion.. he gave me a link here and well...

alot of steel wool a new gas petcock new tiers new paint alot of tlc and my moped looks pretty damn good.. compression is great! now all I got to do is get the spark and i should be putting around.

this moped is pretty nice.. but has hardly anything next to my old one.. no storage electrical stuff rack on the back basket anything.. but for somereason i think i like it even better that way. :0)

hopefully I can offer the board some help as well as get some good advice and entertainment. I am a mopeder at heart and can't wait to get mine running.

I've even gotten my girlfreinds and a few friends wanting them and mine doesn't even run LOL

thats the long and short of it... nice to meet you guys and Gals.

Ps.. I'll make a one man georgia chapter for MA... hehe

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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