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Do you have a spark yet?

On your cables, if they are not too rusty, take them completely off the ped, soak them in penetrating oil and bend them slightly from side to side where they are tight. Because of the coiled construction of the bowden cable outer sheath, the oil will be carried into the stuck area. If they are too bad, most peds can use bicycle brake and shifter cables as replacements.


Re: Duck

no not yet unfortunatly it has been raining here very bad so I havn'et had a chance to really get into it. I did try and set the points.. I cleaned them up

everyone says points(I only see one point though) there are five coils? the copper colored windings inside of the magneto is that right?

anyways... I've just been cleaning it up and stacking information lately.

I need to get a headlight bulb and the correct spark plug.. the one is it might or might not be right.. it is a bosch platnuim.. I think they just stuck one in it to try and get it running. Also.. I did find anouther potental problem the brake leaver to the back brakes is broken and is not in contact with the brake light switch.. so

I guess it is not closed.. im thinking maybe that it cuased the tail light to burn out always being on and that oculd be where my spark problem lies.

I have a really good snap on digital vom at school.. so ill probly take my ped there monday and do some more checking.

thanks ron for the folowup

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