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Okay this is actualy a continuation from a post i posted earlier to wayne but I think everyone might benifit from it.

You know the lights that you see in some magazines and on e bay for your valve stems... some sell for 20 bucks.. Jc whitney sell a pair for like 8 bucks ... but I was in Kmart tonight and saw that they had them 2 for 5 and some change.

they are in green and red .. and they only light up while the wheel is in motion... they look pretty cool and infact any extra light on a moped IMHO is good.

especialy light that doesn't require wiring. :0)

(i'd unscrew them if i drove the moped to work) what you guys think....

(wonder if we could get jc whitney to maybe give us a group buy on some products that are generic parts that maybe we could all use???)

Re: wheel lights

I don't think we'll have a lot of luck on the group purchase, just yet. like you said, they are cheap already.

Why don't you and I get them, install them, post a review, and let others know what kind of results we have--

that way, we won't be getting a group discount on a crummy product....

Re: wheel lights

Ron Brown /

If KMart sells for $5.00, read the packaging and see if you can find the manufacturer or importer. He may offer a quantity break.


Re: wheel lights

I just found the diffrence in the 20 dollar ones and the 5 dollar ones...

I went to Western Auto today looking for a new seat. (trying to find a nice comfortable beach cruiser type bike seat) And I saw the lights... there where two sets a 22 dollar one and an 8 dollar one.. I guess the are a little higher then there competitors. the cheaper ones weren't as big and didn't have replacement bateries. I think when they go out you just chuck them. The other ones for 22 bucks actualy had 2 lights and 4 batteries. 2 for initial use and 2 for when they go out. The guys at western auto all frowned when they found out I had a moped and acted like they didn't want to help me. I wanted to seeif they could run all new brake,gas and decompression cables for me.. some of mine are frozen up. oh well...... I think for 22 dollars I could get 4 sets from K mart. and at 200 hour of use for each one...

Im going to get some tonight and maybe take a picture or two of them.

Ill just pedal so you can see the effect :0)

wishes to god he could get his ped running!!!

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