Hey Wayne

yo wayne.. ah hahaha... im still laughing about some old back logs i read of yours witht eh stereo and horns for your ped... Thats some classic stuff.

I work in an auto repair shop and just yesturday I was bringing an old like. ...

oldsmobile 88 or something into the shop and honked the horn.. the loudest damn boat horn I had ever heard.. I mean it sounded like the titanic.. I looked over to my freind wayne that works with me and said yeah dog.. Im going tot he junkyard.. the poo'geo is gonna be a Hog when I get done.. LoL

I want to put it on (my horn doens't even work LoL so i have a reason to replace it..) Only problem its 12V.... Arg... atransformer would work.. but I dont think our mopeds would push enough amps!!!

but damn..... we'd be so cool with those (even cooler then with air horns) hehe

wheel lights too.

haha... oh yeah on a side note.. I went to Kmart tonight and found some of those lights you see all over ebay for 20 bucks... they are lighted valvestem caps for your wheels.. 5 bucks for a pack of two.. Now at night my wheels will glow with a green ring!!! ROCK... coolest thing they are batery operated and work only while in motion.. when they run out.. jsut get a watch battery...... I would recomend them... totaly cool.

Re: wheel lights too.

that's cool-- pimped out mopeds rock. keep me posted---- I love the glowing wheel idea.

Re: wheel lights too.

Ron Brown /

The latest J.C.Whitney catalog has these lights in red or green for $7.98 a pair, however, the battery is not replaceable. They claim 200 hours of operation.

Re: wheel lights too.

5 bucks 6 tops at k mart.....

a little hacksaw and some super glue if it runs out... or hell for 5 bucks i'd just drive the ped to kmart and grab anouther set.

Re: wheel lights too.

Ron Brown /


I most humbly defer to your superior shopping skills, especially on this day after thanksgiving. : )

I could argue that some people may not live very close to a KMart, but actually, I did not read your post well enough.


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