TOMOS Golden Bullet TT LX

<HTML>Well I find this great looking TARGA LX lookalike moped.

"A 35 GOLDEN BULLET TT LX" very powerfull, very nice brakes shocks etc., 49.1cc, great bike overall, but I have never heard of a GOLDEN BULLET? Does anyone have any input? Good? Bad?</HTML>

RE: TOMOS Golden Bullet TT LX

<HTML>hey there chief. that's my ped. it's as far as i can tell the same exact thing as a targa all except the model name. i have a 92 golden bullet and my friend tom just got a brand new 2000 targa lx and they look almost exactly alike. only difference i can see that they made is a few extra body pieces (most of which have been constructed in plastic even though most of my 92 is in metal) and since it's newer a little brighter and a bit more speedy than mine. it also has the same engine (A5 or A35) as all the targa lx's so speedkits and biturbo exhausts fit fine. so yes it's a good moped.


RE: TOMOS Golden Bullet TT LX

Reeperette /

<HTML>I had one as well, an '89...used the A35 engine, but with the hexagonal cylinder, rather than the larger square.

It's a damn nice bike other than one minor problem - the cylinder was a metal-to-metal seal, which works well - IF the four top bolts never strip, and it's all too easy for that to happen when you change the piston rings on one.

So be very, very careful not to do so, cause that's a royal bitch to fix.


RE: TOMOS Golden Bullet TT LX


i have a owners manuel and repair manuel for that model for sale.....$20.00 plus


let me know</HTML>

RE: TOMOS Golden Bullet TT LX

ryan coplan /

Hi my name is ryan i have a 1993 tomos golden bullett tt lx its a very nice and fast bike.I had it less that 2 months i got it for free from my uncle it needed some work a back wheel assembely brake assembaly,spark plug,new head, and it was running fine,i am thinkin about getting a biturbo exaust system,also my dad painted it ,he is one of best painters in new jersey,he works for licoln,it is a beautiful bike

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