Cimatti Shocks


I was wondering if anybody knew how I could take these shocks apart. There the kind with a spring in the middle and a cover over the top half. A little drawing is attached if it helps out. I originally thought that they just twisted apart because you can turn the connection points however after a good fifteen minutes of this and no onticible change in the size I'm convinced that this is not the way. I was hoping somebody may know how to do it. Also the front shocks on my cimatti I haven't tried to hard yet but it appears that they just pull apart. Is this the case or if I take them apart will I have a hard time getting them back together.

Thank you

Any help would be appreciated



Re: Cimatti Shocks

Hope this doesnt bum you out but rear shocks dont come apart, they are sealed anything that twists is for load adjustment,front shocks may come apart from the top seals...Rog

Re: Cimatti Shocks

Ron Brown /


From the picture, your shock looks like a notorcycle shock. Many of these have the spring and upper cover retained by collets. Look at the top of the spring cove where it meets the upper mounting eye. If you see what looks like a split in half washer here, you can press the outer cover down onto the spring and the collets can then be removed, allowing the top cover and spring to be removed.

Post again and let us know and also why you want to take it apart.


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