Planning a Route

Please give me some advice and information about planning a route for a long trip on a moped. I know how to get actual maps and routes, but how do I find the roads that are low speed limit. I'm in no hurry, but I'm considering riding from maine from michigan, and a friend who is considering it.

Thanks a lot-- I'd like to ride up to the next BBQ.

Just a lil time...

Reeperette. /

Gimme some time and I shall see what I can do.

I can for-sure plot you a route within michigan, but lemme see what maps I can come up with, as a cabbie I gots all the good ones.


Planning a route

Other than a rough swath... I don't bother with an exact route..

Just make a rough plan every night or morning on where you want to end up the next night.

Figure between 100 and 200 miles per day on average.

It will vary day to day depending on your mood and weather and schedule.

Pick a likely town on a map that night or morning... and take the slow speed roads getting there.

There are almost always slow speed roads parallel to high speed roads.

The real question is ... motel only?... or tent and sleeping bag also?

That affects the trip greatly.

Planning too precisely is a waste in my mind... there are too many details that change daily.

A good sense of direction is necessary for my method.

As long as I am heading West (and my objective is West!)... I am happy.

Re: Planning a Route

Ron Brown /


Fred has the right idea.

A few more thoughts.

Because moped laws vary so much from state to state, contact people in each state you will pass through and make sure that you and your ped will be legal.

In Michigan, even the smallest two lane country roads have a 55 mph speed limit and a lot of them are dirt. This is not shown except on very detailed county maps and only one brand of those that I can find. Most state highways are also 55 but have a wide, paved shoulder which is great for riding a ped without blocking traffic. I am sure that people from other states can give you similar info.

Make a list of moped shops that carry your brand in case you need parts or other help. Even shops not on your route can fedex to you if they are the only ones with the part.

Ask for people who use the forum and are potentially on your route to email you with phone numbers in case you need help on the way.

You can most likely find places to stay this way too.

Carry a good tool kit, enough for roadside repairs and flat tire fixing and simple spare parts like spark plug, light bulbs, spare tube etc.

Maybe you can hook up with some other people on the way who are willing to ride too. A long distance swarm?

I hope you do it,


Planning a Route (Tools)

Long Distance tool kit essentials...?

I used to think Ree was nuts... (I still do...!) but I AM going to buy dirt-bike armor if I do make this trip.

Tools and tricks--- I should keep in mind --- much appreciated.

I like the "Town to Town idea"

Re: Planning a Route (Tools)

don't forget to pack duct tape... it'll fix anything :0)

sounds like a fun trip.. I'm afriad once I get my moped running I wont have anyone to ride with.. I'd be sorta scared to ride a long distance trip by myself on a ped.. not becuase of reliability just becuase of the unexpected.... I think a 10 dollar light wieght tool kit from wal-fart an extra innner tube and a spare light bulb..might be handly. (and maybe use some of that slime like we were talking about)

Re: Planning a Route (Tools)

Duck: Where you from? Sorry if you said, and I missed it...

Are you new "around here" or are you a regular w/ a new nick-- I wanted to welcome you to the forum . I'm not oficially a member, yet, but I think I speak for everyone when I say "Glad to meet you!"

What kind of moped? I had a 1978 honda Express NC 50, and then I bought a brand new Tomos Targa, and it was bashed apart in an accident--

Currently without a moped but I'm going to get back on the horse, so to speak as soon as I can get the loot together.


Re: Planning a Route (Tools)

Wayne,take a BB gun for rotten mutts that come out and try to wreck your `ped,`cause yelling doesn't always work.They can be BIG and BAD in the country where dog control is lax.A while back I had a mangy mutt chase me down a cxountry road for 1/2 mi. and he almost caught me `cause I didn't know he was chasin' me!`TIL I STOPPED to use an outhouse outside an old church.THEN I heard him and turned and sprayed about 6 BBs toward him.He got the idea.You can get a really lightweight semi-auto BB gun at Wal-Mart for 30 bucks(Black plastic Crosman)even has a red dot sight with it which I didn't need.I just leave it aimed downward in my tool bag on the right side handlebars and I can snatch that thing out in a jiffy.The only thing is I'm ambidextrous so I can keep on the throttle while popping the hindquarters of that canine miscreant.HOPE YOU MAKE THE TRIP WAYNE!!

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