PUCH MAXI Headlight bulb choices..

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Is there a way that I can put a different headlight on my maxi?. I have a 70 cc kit and want to put like a xenon or a halgeon bulb, but they are all 12 volt. How can I make it work with the 6 volt set up?

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Re: PUCH MAXI Headlight bulb choices..

In addition to the voltage requirement, all the bulbs are impedence matched to the coil in the stator. It would take careful engineering to match a stepup transformer to drive a 12 volt halogen lamp. Worth trying, however. Buy a 1:2 step up transformer and go for it.

Re: PUCH MAXI Headlight bulb choices..

Where can I get a 1:2 step up? Radio shack?

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Re: PUCH MAXI Headlight bulb choices..

Yes, Radio shack should have a 1:2 transformer. Probably, their smallest one would work. The problem is finding a 25 Watt Halogen lamp. Before you go to that trouble, try a 12 volt, 25 watt tungsten lamp. That should be relatively easy to find. Just connect the lamp to the high (2) side of the transformer and the low (1) side to your existing headlight and run the ped stationary to see what happens.

Good luck. The whole world will want to know if it works.

Thanks Ken!

Thanks for the help

Re: PUCH MAXI Headlight bulb choices..

Ron Brown /


25 Watt, 12 Volts, requires a little more than 2 amps on the secondary and 4 amps on the primary, this is a fairly hefty transformer. You should be able to find a 220 volt to 110 volt transformer for overseas travel. This is a 2:1 but you will need one with the capability of running a 4 amp load at 110 volts, this will not be real cheap. Hook up your 6 volts to the 110 side and your 12 volt lamp to the 220 side. Ther is another potential problem here, these transformers are rates fo 50/60 cycles per second. Depending on the number of magnets in your alternator rotor, you could be running at 150 cps at 3000 rpm (3 magnets). This would significantly reduce the current flow through the transformer. Similarly, at low rpm, the transformer will not be happy. I'm not smart enough to give you exact numbers without doing some research, I just know this to be true. Possibly someone with a BSEE or similar will read this and help.

It seems to me, a better option would be to pick up a lighting coil from a junker and rewind it with twice as much wire at half the size. You would then have a 12 volt output from the coil.

Good luck,


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