London to Sydney by Cucciolo

<HTML>I have this idea of riding a mountain bike with a clip on Cucciolo engine from London to Sydney.

Does anyone know the legalities of this as I would be passing through a range of countries in Europe and Asia. Has anyone seen or heard of any one who has done this before? I am very keen to do this in 2 to 3 years time, flying to London then riding home (I'm a Queenslander).

In your opinion would a Cucciolo be reliable enough with modern improvements or would there be a better alternative. I need 4 stroke, a bicycle clip-on not moped,able to ride without motor running in illegal countries, able to use rear derailer to get extra gears, economical and reliable.

Any information gladly accepted.



RE: London to Sydney by Cucciolo

<HTML>I've never heard of a cucciolo, but if you want a fourstroke you should get a Honda. The C or Cub is most common, the CD and SS are really really good mopeds (look fantastic too),they were originally designed by Honda as racing-mopeds, the streetversions of those racers became immensely popular in western Europe. With propper maintenence they'll run for 25 years, they'll go at least 45 Km (126 MpG) on one liter of feul, I've heard of cubs going as far as 140 Km (393 MpG) on one liter. In some countries in Europe (Holland for example) those bikes had pedals, I don't know about other countries. Even though these bikes are now oldtimers they're still running, and revised models are still available. Check out 4-stroke-bike-center , they have tons of old honda's and ship internationally. The only problem would be that the site is in dutch. You can email them at . I'm sure those guys speak english, so no worries. They also build 4strokes by request, so if you want one with pedals and a very low feuluse, it's no problem. Also, if you want a racemonster Hondafourstrokes are the bikes. I have a slightly uptuned Honda SS50, 49cc, four gears, it runs near 80 Kph. (50 Mph). It's still tune-able upto 106cc, with a racecamshaft ,kitaco exhaust, and kitaco 24mm. flatslide carb, that should run about 160 Kph (100Mph). Once you've been on one of these Honda's, believe me, you're hooked.</HTML>

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