Since noone else did this yet, HAPPY TURKEY DAY AL

Arterious /

Happy thanksgiving all =) sorry couldn't resist making one hehe

Re: Since noone else did this yet, HAPPY TURKEY DA

HEY! Same to you and yours!!!

Give me an E! Give me...

an A! Give me a T! What's that spell? EAT! What's that spell? EAT!! GO, GO, GO! EAT, EAT, EAT!!! Oh, the cheer that gets me through the holidays. Whether Christmas or Thanksgiving, no matter how hard it can be to spend time with the family, there is always the food to look forward to. Mmm. Turkey, fat, giblits, gravey... it's all good.


Reeperette /

hehehe...our (electric) stove broke down, wouldja believe that ?

I damn near tried to hotwire the thing, but the roomie kinda got all twitchy about it, so we used some serious imagination and a small wouldn't believe some of the things possible with a microwave if ya really try.

Sealed stuff, poke holes it in first....oops...heh.


Re: Hehehe

Arterious /

lol, im in a MAJOR food coma.. too much food + egg nog =) psst. my egnog has rum and congac in it =) hehehehhehe gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood nog.

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