Re: Answer to that.

How do you ride a moped?


How do I ride a moped with a prosthetic leg ?

Easy, same way anyone else does.

This isn't some fragile, flaky toy like they hand out to most folks who need something - this is a custom built replacement which works about 90% as well as the original flesh did, and is in some cases superior to it.

Tell ya one thing, I don't hafta worry about burnin my ankle on a hot exhuast pipe no more, hahaha...


Re: Easily.

david f martin /

My oldest and best friend, James, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident when he was 15, about 23 years ago.

He waterskis, rides a bike, has been in a few bar brawls, gets laid... if anything, he's a tougher MF because of that prosthetic.


Re: Easily.

How Did you lose it?

For T.

On a moped, do a Forum Search for "Accident" or just read the article in RESOURCES.


Re: For T.

Hey Trike I read your article your a real trooper.

Re: For T.

.. hehe.. whats that smell trike.. oh shit my legs meltin!

yeah exhuast pipes suck sometime

Re: For T.

Duck your a real funny assed son of a bitch!

Re: For T.

First off me and Trike are cool and I was making a joke out of his own joke

"Tell ya one thing, I don't hafta worry about burnin my ankle on a hot exhuast pipe no more, hahaha..."

I didn't mean anything rude or anything and trike is such a cool level headed and laid back guy im damn confident he didn't take any offence to that.

Re: For T.

I was just joking too.

Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

Do you guys remember the show junkyard wars? We used to joke about making a dream team from the moped army.

I was reading the 200+ mpg engine threads, thinking about all the talent and unusual hobbies here.. cool stuff.

That or battlebots.

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

Im guessing no one from moped army got one together?

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

Well, by the time people were getting deadly-serious the junkyard war show had tranformed into a psedo-show.

Like, building an air cannon wasn't cool enough so the "builders" are finding enough "crap" to build ultralight aircraft, fusion reactors.. all with a "time frame" in a "real junkyard"

they even built model bombers with ability to drop payload, that's jumping the shark.

The first few seasons had them putting moped engines on boats, mounting moped frames onto something as a 'cockpit' setup.. using the front forks as a rudder on a boat..

that was the stuff we thought was possible-- building an amphibous boat from moped parts, a vw bug frame and 55 gallon drums.. and we had the talent here to win.. but the show lost the grit when they sold out.

"Oh look, someone threw away a perfectly good helicopter.. look, it's a full tank of hydrogen.. and I found a brand new flux capacitor in the trunk of the mini cooper"

it became fake and people lost interest in it.

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

John Joedicke /

Wow, ancient history.

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

I'll be the rookie with the drive to win.

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

yeah i remember when junkyard wars and monster garage were actually cool, now those shows have all pussed out and turned into soap operas with welders. At least mythbusters still kicks all sorts of ass.

Re: Junkyard Wars: Moped Army dream team

And the audacity to ressurect a thread thats been dead and buried for an unprecedented 3+ years!

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