question about Trac moped

i am thinking of buying a Trac Clipper moped.. however, i dont know anything about these.. like availability of parts, top speed, mod options (bi-turbo, etc..).. any info anyone can give me would be appreciated! thanks so much! take care...

Re: question about Trac moped

Hey,Casey! All I remember about Tracs is 3 I know of had busted trannies.So you'd better know where you're gonna get parts.Two of these were 1996 I believe,and one was a little older.Do a search here on this forum and see what info. you come up with.The search works pretty well if you click on the `all dates' selection in the little box.

Re: question about Trac moped


I have a 1989 Trac olympic blitz. ANd all i have to say is they are the strongest mo-peds i have ever ridden. Mine will haul 2 people around no prob. Me and my fiends always ride double around the neighborhood.I Havent had ot get parts for mine though. I got lucky. Mine ws garaged all its life. Only 266 miles on it when i got it for 150 bucks. Needed carb work but thats all.There tuff too. I had mine at my boses farm for the summer and it took countless 3 foot jumps and poundings. I love it

Good luck,

Trac Man

Re: question about Trac moped

Glad to hear it,Trac Man! Sounds like if it was gonna bust it would have already.I'm actually thinking of looking at a TRAC today.It's within 55 mi. of my home and I could leave work here and go look.The guy has it on E-bay.It's in South Point, OH.,so I appreciate your input Trac Man!How many miles on your Trac?

Re: question about Trac moped

don! hey, you arent talking about the same Trac i am, are you!??! in OH!? on Ebay!?! the "clipper"??! maroon?!? AAAAARRRRGGGGHH!!!!! if you buy it, you better let me ride it sometime. =]

Re: question about Trac moped

Yeah,it might be,Casey.It's in South Point,Oh on the Ohio river and I drove down there Thurs.A.M..The guy was on the road and I had let my wife have the cell phone so I missed him.Just a wasted trip,but sometimes that happens.The one I was looking at had the big seat.There was another one on E-bay that had a small seat,but I don't bid on small-seated bikes unless I see a way to put a big seat on.

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