Prototype Moped (BMW)

By Marsha Walton

CNN Science and Technology

MUNICH, Germany (CNN) -- At first glance, the C-1 scooter looks like BMW crossed one of its auto assembly lines with one of its motorcycle plants.

Heads do turn as the hybrid scooter cruises European streets. It's marketed here as a commuter alternative to crowded public transportation -- and to the high costs of fueling a car, the equivalent of some U.S. $4 per gallon for gas these days. The C-1 is miserly by comparison, getting about 80 miles (128 km) per gallon of petrol.


Re: Prototype Moped (BMW)

Personally, I think these things kick serious ass. I saw one up close in Vegas, and love the idea of having a bubble around me as I cruise the ped. Wayne, do you know where to buy one, and how much it might cost?

Re: Prototype Moped (BMW)

There was a company that sold them mail order. i saw it on one of those EV links.

There is also a guy that tried to sell some on Ebay about 6 months ago.

Re: Prototype Moped (BMW)

Vespa, have you seen the Gyro?

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