Moped Theft

Wow-- While looking around on the web, I found a LOT of stolen machines this month--!

Prince William Connecticut:


LELAND RD., 8000 block, 6 p.m. Nov. 10 to 9 a.m. Nov. 11. A black 2000 Tomas moped was stolen from the rear yard of a house.

Clarksville, Maryland

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6400 block, 11:01 p.m. Nov. 1. A moped was stolen from a business entered by smashing a side window.

Alexandria, Virginia

GLEBE RD. W., 1-100 block, 5 p.m. Nov. 4 to 5 a.m. Nov. 5. A black 2001 Saab moped was stolen.

**Hey-- I didn't know SAAB even made a moped????!!*** -Wayne

FairFax Virginia:

FRANCONIA RD., 6500 block. A moped and a helmet were stolen from a high school.

EL SONETA PL., 3900 block. A moped was stolen from a residence.

Re: Moped Theft

I wish some of the Judges would make examples out of certain people who kipe people's bikes and property.Some stiffer sentences would go a long way.,I think.They generally just slap the wrist of the perp and fine them something,and the poor schmuck who's property was stolen can look forward to it happening again.I had a bunch of stuff stolen out of my garage last year by a dopehead and he has never even been held liable for it since they caught him trying to hold up a liquor store.

Re: Moped Theft (Saab)

Did you see the clip about the Saab moped being stolen? Never heard of one...

Re: Moped Theft (Saab)

Yeah,I didn't know that.They must be tryin' to keep up with the Peugeot family across the street! I always linked Peugeot to Saab for some reason anyway.Maybe they look a little alike(cars,that is).(:>)

Re: Moped Theft (Saab)

peugeot is a french company, saab is a swedish company. i don't think they have anything in common (except that they're european). but i had no idea saab made a moped. though i'm sure they might have. any idea what it looks like?

Re: Moped Theft (Saab)

chuck russo VA /

i live in fairfax VA and i always here about stolen mopeds thats why i lock mine up everytime i leave it somewhere

Re: Moped Theft

Sebastian /

yeah the kids in CT are ruthless, they'll steal your moped, bang it up real good then it goes through like 3 people and then comes out looking real good then gets sold.

Re: Moped Theft (Saab)

I have been looking around for about 10 minutes now, and I cannot find any information about a saab motorcycle, let alone a moped.

I think the link above was probably a cops error--- "Yeah...yeah... Puch, Saab, Peugeot.... same thing.... yeah yeah... we'll get back to you if we hear anything. don't call us, we'll call you....."

The victim will never get his moped back if they (the cops) are looking for a machine that doesn't exist.

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