Tire Slime

I was looking at a link someone posted in an earlier thread---about a product called "Slime".

Their web site has a lot of info-- it claims that it has sealed over 100 punctures on a single tube---

They also sell tubes, pre filled with slime-- I havent tried to size them for a moped though.

check it out-- and post a reply, if you've used that stuff--!



Re: Tire Slime

Yeah,Wayne.Ree was talking about that stuff I think.As long as it won't freeze at 20 or 30 below I guess it would be great.My brother offered to treat my backhoe's tires with it,and I guess I should take him up on it.It costs a fortune to change a tire on my huge backhoe.I don't let them patch tubes on it either `cause breakin' that tire down and a road service charge costs too much to risk it.They're the same tires log skidders use except I haven't bought the steel armored ones yet.

Re: Tire Slime

Hey wayne.. the slime works really well. It is sold at walmart for about 6 bucks a tube. The slime fills 2 large bike tires. I have used it in farm equipment. Also Airplanes like crop dusters have used about the same type stuff for years.

The only problem with it on automobiles is that it is not that great for handling when traveling fast (it stays gel form so it makes it un-balancable.)

I think it would be great for a moped... I have already put some in mine...now if I could just get it running. LoL.

Re: Tire Slime

tire slim rules.

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