Dellorto air screen

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would an airscreen for a dellorto 14/12 (used on minarelli or garelli engines) fit on the dellorto 12/12 (used on the Vespa Grande)? Moped junkyard doesn't have any vespa parts but they have a lot of parts for dellorto 14/12 carbs, so if I could just order one from there, it would be more convenient since I do alot of business with them. It looks like it would fit, but if anyone knows, I'd really appreciate any info.



P.S., does anyone think a dellorto 14/12 would fit on a Vespa Grande? Thanks

Re: Dellorto air screen

no. the 14.12 screen is much larger and fits differently than the one for the 12.12. you'll have to order one special. i actually might have an old one for you. i found mine inside that engine "box" when i put in the new airfilter/airbox that i ordered. i can clean in up and send it to you. or contact akron mopeds or vespa supershop.

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