Amelie.... old news?

Hey. aidan from the JKSC here. first, I want to confirm that there are only good feelings between us. the JKSC loves the Moped Army, and we're stoked that your starting an Ann Arbor chapter. We'll have to ride together.

Ok, that said. Have any of you seen the movie Amelie by Jean-Pierre Juenet ? he did City of the Lost Children and Delicatessan, so you know it's good. it's playing at the Michigan Theatre here in Ann Arbor right now.

Once you see the main character, you'll melt. or at least I did. After wiping myself up off the floor, I noticed that a sweet moped plays a fairly major role in the movie (male love interest guy rides around paris on one). Not that I would really make any difference to me, but anyone know what make/model? Vespa Ciao? Puch?

Oh yeah, and the final scene of them riding around on it is priceless. Go see this movie, you won't regret it.

Re: Amelie.... old news?

yep. i want to see that, too. my girlfrield looks a lot like the main character, too. very super cute. french boys last summer used to tease her (when she was in europe) can call her "amelie" (i don't think she minded).

i'm sure we can find out the model when we see it. i hope to see it soon.

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