puch vibration

I recently bought a 1978 Puch Sport 2 speed. It had 172 miles on it. I now have about 600 miles on it. Today when I was riding I felt a vibration in the pedals I had not felt before. There seemed to be a kind of rattle somewhere around the engine at lower speeds. Any ideas as to what it might be? It doesn't seem really serious but I don't want a small problem to develop into a big one. Voice of experience anyone?

Re: puch vibration

Check to make sure your motor mount bolts are properly tightened (don't overtighten and snap them off) There should be 2 in the front and one in the back at the bottom. Also check your front and rear wheel s to make sure they are properly seated and secured.

Check your tranny to make sure you have 9.5 ounces of ATF Type "F" fuild in the tranny and don't overfill it. Best to get some new ATF, drain the old (plug underneath) and refill.

Could be chain slap, use rear wheel tensioners to tighten chain slack if needed. You should be able to push down on the drive chain at least 1/8" (left side of bike)

Check these things first before you ride it again!

Re: puch vibration

Ron Brown /


If Zippy's fixes don't work and if the noise seems to come from the engine, in the area of the cylinder or crankshaft, have someone listen to it for you before riding. If it is a failing rod or crank bearing, it will cause very expensive problems if it faiks altogether.


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