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I just got an e-mail for this site.It doesn't seem to have true mopeds,but the retro look to the old Honda 70 Passport and the cycles are pretty good looking stuff for Chinese models.Didn't see any pricing yet. Cool bikes,eh?

Re: Check out this site

Hmmm...What scooter should I buy...the Prettygirl or the Butterfly?

Where do the Chinese come up with these names?

Re: Check out this site

You got me! But there are some good lookers on there aren't there?

Re: Check out this site

I recognize some of them as the Sundiro models (soon to be Nusun). I am looking for a scooter, but I've heard such bad things about the Chinese quality control. Maybe somebody can set me straight here. I know Sundiros are assembled in Arkansas. There were a few at the True Grits fun run as demos from the distributor...but the brake pedal fell off of his top of the line model there. It didn't instill confidence.

Re: Those names

The Japanese called the Datsun 240Z "FairLady" in Japan!


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