Engine not turning over...

My friend has an old moped (vespar or somthign i dun know its really old and light blue) It hasn't been running for about 5 years, and we just recently took it out and tried getting it to run, but i'm not giving up on this baby so easily this time. I know squat about mopeds and read the forum about fixing your moped which is good but it doesn't seem to have my problem in it. Ok so you pedal the moped and get it up to a decent speed, it should "catch" or turn over, or somthing, (shouldn't it?)but it does nothing, not putt, spudder, or anything. Does anyone know what could be wrong? I spent a couple hours tinkering with it but got noware hehe. I was wondering if somone could help me before i try cleaning the carb and buying a new spark plug just incase they know its somthin major i can't fix easily. Thanks.


Re: Engine not turning over...

XBrandon EdgeX /

If it's a vespa, there should be a button and a lever at the back of the swingarm on the left side of the bike (right next to the back wheel). Push the lever down and the button on the side should pop out. Then, the pedals should either turn the engine over constantly or begin turning the motor over after it reaches a certain speed. If it's a different bike (or maybe some vespa's are this way), there should be a lever on the left handlebar that looks like a brake lever but smaller and on the bottom side of the grip. Pull that to engage the starter clutch and pedal. The bikes that have the button/lever mechanism on the swingarm (as described above) also have a similar lever, but it's not the starter clutch lever, it's a decompression lever. This should also be held in to start it.

Re: Engine not turning over...

XBrandon EdgeX is correct, check the rear wheel to make sure the "Free Wheeling" button isn't pushed in. It is best to make sure the wheel isn't turning when you do this to ensure you don't trash the gears.

While you are at it, look close by that black button and you should see an access screw. This is where you put in 80-90 weight gear oil. You can buy gear oil in a plastic bottle with a cone shaped tip that makes it easy to squirt the oil in the gear box. Or take it to your local auto shop and have them fill it.

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