PA50II parts galore! right here! actually what i did was use their system to find the catalog/order number for each part i needed.. then called a local honda dealer. i just gave them the parts numbers, they checked to see what was available (everything on my list.. except for a few things i didnt bother with 'cuz i found them used) and ordered them.. i will have all my new parts monday. they show complete explosions of parts and frame with each nut & bolt & decal, EVERYTHING with a part number (which is the actual HONDA part number, not partsfish's)... i dont know is someone has mentioned this before, but like i said.. i found everything i was looking for there. take care and good luck..

Re: PA50II parts galore! right here!

thomas deller /

did you go to a honda car dealer or a honda moped dealer or what, I cant get parts to save my life for my pa 50, do you have an extra one of those cowls that goes over all of the messy wiring thats on the lower part of the frame, I have three and didn't even know that there was a part that went there until I saw a nice pa50 that had one

Re: PA50II parts galore! right here!

go to the honda motorcycle/scooter dealer... and sorry, i dont have any extra parts.. im scouring the earth to completely restore mine! good luck!

Re: PA50II parts galore! right here!

XBrandon EdgeX /

Hey casey, I saw a bunch of pa50 parts on ebay today.

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