will carb cleaner harm the float?

brian away /

Should I remove the float from the carb on my '78 Sachs Balboa before I get scrubbing? I know MA suggests removing all plastic and rubber parts before submersing in carb cleaner, but what about if I'm just spraying the carb with cleaner and compressed air?

I'd remove it without asking, but the float doesn't seem like it's supposed to come out, and I don't want to force it.



Re: will carb cleaner harm the float?

i've never taken the float out to clean w/ just spraying carb clener. not sure what you mean by scrubbing (or if it's even necessary/recommended).

Re: will carb cleaner harm the float?

brian away /

ok thanks. yeah, good point, i meant "scrubbing" by spraying carb cleaner and compressed air.

thanks again

remove the float

OK... I am not familiar with your Sach or its carb.. but as far as I am concerned.. if you are doing a carb cleaning... you should ALWAYS remove the float... simply so you can also remove the float needle and look closely at its sealing tip... and the seat it seals against for both... crud.. and damage.

Anything less is half assed... if you are taking the trouble to do it... don't do it half way.

There is usually a pin that the float swings on that can be pulled... the float then will fall right out.

If a Sachs carb is differnt... then my advice might be different.

As far as the float itself... I don't think carb cleaner will affect a brass float at all... it might affect a molded plastic one though (like some Jap bikes have).

Re: remove the float

brian away /

This Sachs float is hard foam/plastic, almost like hard styrofoam. Similar material to a Puch "float". Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology, but it's the large thing floating in the bowl of my carb. Definitely not brass.

I'm sure they're different in every brand, like you say, and I will see if there's a way to carefully get it out, for more thorough cleaning.

thanks fred


Re: will carb cleaner harm the float?

Miguel, if your last name is Carter?, your fenders are on the way!

Re: will carb cleaner harm the float?

gimmyjimmy /

carb cleaner will dissolve plastic, remove the float CAREFULLY, forcing it may throw the needle valve out of adjustment (that controls fuel flow).

As Fred said, check the needle valve and it's seat for crud and wear.

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