Tomos Revival coming to Canada!

Dave Gill /

The following text is taken from an email I received from the good people at Toronto Mopeds...

The Revival is supposed to be coming to Canada next Spring - it's just been approved for sale in the US and we're waiting for Transport Canada approval.

We do not have definite pricing yet, but we expect it to be around the $3,300 mark.

In the meantime, we have good stock on both models, the Bullet and the TTLX.

While our retail operation closes at the end of September, we still continue selling and make viewing/test-riding the mopeds by appointment at our warehouse location.

Please, also note that as a Fall Bonus, we now include a free helmet with every new moped purchase ($130 value)

Thank you for your interest.

I suppose I can hold off buying till next spring...


Re: Tomos Revival coming to Canada!

I'm really anxious for this moped to arrive. No one will talk about "Mods" though, because no one has been able to play around with upgrade kit etc etc.

Re: Tomos Revival coming to Canada!

Dave Gill /


Any mods to the Revival are going to be tricky, because the Revivals engine is so unique.


Re: Tomos Revival coming to Canada!

J. Sailor /

It was going to come to the states 8/01!

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