the most amazing moped parts site ever?

is this site new? it must be if nobody has found it yet. heres the link. how does a tomos racing exhaust for $30 sound?

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Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

XBrandon EdgeX /

All the prices are in Euro's, aren't they?

Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

I'm not sure what they use in the Netherlands but I think they do use the euro. The shipping would probably be kinda high. If you wanted, you can use one of the exchanges on the net to find the currency and the exchange rate. I'm sure that its not $30.00, but may be a good deal depending on having to pay that import dutywhat ever you call it.


Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

The Euro is always right around what a dollar is. The one thing I know is that I found some insane exhast options for My Targa LX. One is called a circuit, it looks like a Tuba..I just have to find out which is the best. Wish the Leovnci was still available.Steve

Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

Crisis--Cincinnati /

My friend Casey was going to get a racing exhaust from this site for his honda pa50. The pipe was like $50, (and your right, euro is pretty close to the American dollar), but the shipping was like 70 bucks! Watch out. Needless to say, he decided against it. Plus, it would probably take forever to ship.


Euro site

That place has been posted here a few times before.. but obviously it is a Euro site catering mostly to Euro peds... and then you have to convert dollars... and communicate correctly... and then you have the shipping problem

Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

it's my understanding that the euro has not been issued yet. it comes out in january. it's being used in a number of european countries so they can better compete with our economy. that happens to be what i just learned in school. then again, my school is tied for being the 3rd worst in the state of vermont.

Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

hey! i heard from someone who has already ordered from there.. and apparently the service is awesome, the prices even better... my info to crisis was INCORRECT, as i am definitely going to order from there... the guy i talked to said if you pay with credit card (over the phone), they air ship and you get your parts in 4-5 days... the Euro is worth approx. .83 cents... so the exhaust im getting for my honda is listed at 58.00 EUR and i get it for around 51.00 USD... with shipping and everything, it should be right around 80$ USD... and, he said its easiest to call and order with a credit card, as thats the only way to get the fast shipping (credit card order, plus you can talk about the part specifically; part #, etc..)... and if you just call and start speaking english, they will put the owner on (who speaks english)... im going to order my exhaust this week! ill post back and let everyone know how it turns out when i get it in my hands...

Re: the most amazing moped parts site ever?

That sounds great. Please remember to post a follow up so that we will know wether to try them or not.


here holland speaking

hey there

I'm from the country you guy's order from, Holland.

I own a ss 50 with a 70 cc cyl and a 50 cc head for higher compression and I m currently looking for a turbo or supercharger kit to put on

(as the one with nitro died last week) it was fast but couldn't handle

almost anything is availeble in holland exept this sort of stuff

so I'f you know someone who provides kamikazy drivers like me with turbo's or superchargers let me know at

thanks for the compliments on the service in holland and I personaly hate the euro hahahaha

grtz Thomas

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