Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

i have yet to find the parts i need for my 78 honda hobbit. i've looked everywhere on the internet and i have gone to my local honda motorcycle dealer who just dicks me around because i'm a kid and i don't have a father who's a regular customer. i've asked for help from you before but i am out of options. does anybody have have any parts for a hobbit? thank you.


Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

Try going to any non-automotive Honda dealer. I get my Honda parts from an industrial rental place that happens to sell comercial Honda lawnmowers.

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

hahahaha the honda motorcycle dealer here is a dick too!!!!!!!! I looked up the latest honda scoot on the net and they wanted 300 more than msrp and guess what the Yamaha dealer is an even bigger dick, I wanted one of the new vino scooters and I went to his dealership twice, the second time he said he wasnt even going to bother to call around to find one until I gave him 500 bucks, I ended up buying a Hyosung scooter from a local lawnmover shop..... Rog

Oh and bye the way once I told the guys at the mower shop about my experience with the 2 dealers,, they said"you wouldnt believe how many people have come in and told us the same thing, It must be something about motorcycle shops"

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

Well, I have had GREAT service from our local Honda motorcycle shop, in getting parts for a Hobbit. Try to get their number. I've ordered a fuel valve, gaskets, brake shoes, etc. Also, I've seen a site, but never ordered from, called that has the PA50 listed - lots of exploded diagrams which are great to figure out what you need, and the part numbers match the Honda database. The prices at World of Power Sports are within a few cents of the partsfish ones, so I just buy locally.

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

Wouldnt you know it? The honda dealer in my town is a jerk as well. I have a '80 honda passport, and so far the only thing he could find for me is new brakes. He told me that the passport is real popular in Vietnam, and I would have better luck finding parts if I learned Vietnamese and went there myself...basicly told me not to come back because he wouldnt be able to find any parts for me. The yamaha dealer in town laughed in my face when I asked about ordering moped parts from him. And another motorcycle shop (motorcycle accessories) always tries to sell me shit I dont need at a price nobody could afford. The owner there is a real dick, i've talked to him twice, he thinks he is a motorcycle guru, but can never seem to answer a simple question about my mopeds - he tells me to "bring it in, we will fix it for you." In other words, he wont just tell me how to fix something because he can turn a buck off me if I bring it in to be serviced.

But there is one really cool shop in town, competiton cycle. (As a matter of fact, the owner is my neighbor.) They pull flywheels for free and do other odds and ends at no extra cost. Its wierd, 3 out of 4 motorcycle shops are assholes, and the 4th goes out of their way to be nice to me.

Re: I wonder

If those people realize sites like this are a clearing house for the experience of thousands of moped fans.

Sure ot takes a while to get an answer sometimes, but we are more interested in keeping our dinosaurs alive. We will surely smoke out these rats that don't realize the size of this moped movement.


Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

I live in maine, and I've called every place on a list to find a part. I've ordered parts from dealers who were pleasant on the far away as seattle.

The local honda dealer is a jerk once you mention moped. I had an NC-50, 1978 and I trashed it due to not being able to find carburator parts or replacements..

I loved that little bike. it ran well for a long time.

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

what parts do you need? i have a almost compleate honda hobbit that i am stripping down for parts

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

hey! i dont want to snake collins, but i need a few parts for my honda too.. collins, let me know if you get anything from ivan and if what i need is still left, hook me up! here's what i need:

front wheel/tire (w/ brake, speedo asembly)

front brake cable


right side engine cover (and maybe left if in perfect shape)

speedo cable

that should be it.. also, collins: you have dibs! guys, lemme know whats up. thanks!


ps: when i first got my pa50II, i took it to the local honda dealer and they told me with a straight face that they dont work on bikes over 10 years old.... like if i took a 1990 honda crotchrocket in there, they wouldnt work on it.. jerks. oh, then two of the workers there tried to buy it from me.. haha

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

ivan, i need front and back brake cables. speedometer cable. brake shoes and the crank shaft.. e-mail me at and we'll take care of what you have and don't have. thank you very very much. you are snaking me casey.

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

oh yeah, i also need the front brake lever. whats you address ivan. i have first dibbs casey.

Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

oh nevermind, i didn't see you said i could have first dibbs. thanks for not being dickhead, i really really appreciate.


Re: Honda dealer is a dick. need help.

hey casey i can get you the parts that collins doesn't want so when he has what he wants you get second dibs on it ok

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