Any mopeds for sale in Ilinois?

Kyle Fluck /

Anyone out there selling a moped in Illinois or nearby states, Iowa, Wisconsin? If so, let me know with some info about the 'ped as well. Thanks a lot.

Re: Any mopeds for sale in Ilinois?

Got a ' 78 Honda Express, ' 80 Honda Express and ' 78 Tomos for sale in central WI. All running and licensed. Got to sell some to buy new Elite next year!!!


Re: Any mopeds for sale in Ilinois?

88 honda elite mint cond. I might have a 78 amf I haven't decided to sell or not.

Re: Any mopeds for sale in Ilinois?

Kyle, if you're not checking E-bay, you might be missing something good.

(Like a $2500.00 Targa, or a "Pimped-out retard bike" P.O.R.B.")

But, seriously, some good things do come up. Although some of the forum regulars have had some trouble with certain sellers.....

Some sellers have tried to sell crap on E-bay for a lot more than it's worth, but you should always check. I've seen some sweet machines, and there's always a bunch there. I would think it's a matter of time before something comes up in your area.

I think Simon has a link to E-bay "Moped Search" in the resources section, but for some reason, I think it was broken last time I tried to use it.

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