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Well, I finally got my 1965 C100 with the factory cafe/racing kit. I still can't find any info on it and I would really like to know if anyone has ever seen or heard of this. I attached a pic. Thanks in advance, Dave.


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Is it for sale?

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You might actually be able to find something on it at the Library. they are good at having outdated manuels "Great for when you want to fix an older machine up". I'm sure that there is an enthusiest somewhere that will be willing to share some insight. Check some of the motorcycle web sights and discussion areas

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Check with the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle club, at vjmc.com. they have a lot of stuff. Im about to restore a 65 c110, anyone know anything about those, or have any general restoration tips, its my first! Thanks, Steve

Go ask Ivo

There is a Dutch guy named Ivo who has a website for the 4 stroke Hondas.

(that is a 4 stroke Honda?... right ?


I think that will get you there.

He has a message board... its mostly in Dutch.... but they speak English too.

Ask away..... they probably can even find parts for the motor.

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