Another good reason why mopeds are better then car

Man, there must be something going around in my area,( other then anthrax, that local postal center is the Trenton, Hamilton NJ one infected with anthrax , uugh )

Here's a good reason to stick to the mopeds.... at my workplace two guys have just had to have head gaskets put on their car's guy got popped for $ 1200 for a head gasket on a mini-van and the other guy for $ 500 , because he has a smaller 4 cylinder motor.....and now my wife's car has developed a head gasket oil leak....gonna have to use that warrenty coverage this week, but I'd be really pissy if I had to shell out that kind of money the other guys did for an oil leak.... yeah man, stick to the mopeds.... no head gaskets, no rip-off dealer or service guy stealing hundreds or thousands of dollars from you every time you show up at their garage... let alone all the other headaches and expenses involved with cars....I'll be running peds and scooters for a long time !

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