<HTML>I have a 1977 Intramotor Scout, and after I start it i get major hesitation while excelerating, and sometimes it backfires. It is also inconsistent, one hour it will run great then it sits for an hour, then it runs like shit. I just want this bike to run well and be my mode of transpertaion for the summer, I am getting sick of pushing it home after getting to my destiantion.

I will take any and all advice...also is this bike similar to any other bike out there?

morini engine...</HTML>

RE: Hesitation/backfire/inconsistent

<HTML>It sounds to me like you've got a leaking exhaust.

Check the exhaustgasket and how the exhaust is attached to the cilynder.

It could also be worn pistonsprings, but then it wouldn't be inconsistant, it would just run shitty all the time. It's also possible the exhaust is just rotten through, if that's so, you'll need a new one.</HTML>

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