Saw a Jincheng Knight on the road

I was out riding a few hours ago and came across one riding on the road right in amongst regular car traffic... and followed him to the store he was going to.

He had no license plate... and had a moped sticker on the rear fender... I asked him if he has ever been pulled over by cops.. he said No.

I looked it over and he had 900 miles on it this year from new.

He said he has trouble shifting it sometimes (4 speed).

I am still amazed that they sell it and license it as a moped (here in Michigan)

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Re: Saw a Jincheng Knight on the road

Simon King /

It seems like you'd get pulled over for it just "looking" like a motorcycle. In Michigan it seems that anything small gets a moped classification. I have a friend with a 90cc mini-bike that he registered as a moped - no problem.


Re: Saw a Jincheng Knight on the road

Did you ask him what the top speed was?

Re: Saw a Jincheng Knight on the road

I didn't ask him... but I know the dealer who sold it to him... and they do around 30 .. and they have an easy mod kit that makes it do 40

There has already been talk here in the past if you want to search for it

or an internet search will turn up several hits

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