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I have a Yamaha qt 50 and on the side of tha carb there is what looks like to me like a gas overflow tube, does anybody know where the other end of the tube connects to. Thanks for your help.


I don;t know a QT50 very well... but almost all overflow tubes just hang down underneath the carb... they keep dirt and water from falling down into the overflow hole

Re: yamaha qt 50

David Jaehne /


If you are referring to the small diameter black tube on the left side of the carb. just before it attaches to the cylinder, that is the oil injection port. It connects to the left side of the oil pump which is behind, and below the carburetor ( off to the right some what). This is VERY important, as it supplies oil to the engine, and without it, the piston , etc., can sieze in short order. Also, be sure that the input to the oil pump is connected to the oil tank (under the seat), and that there is ample 2-cycle oil in the tank. My QT50 has a level indication light which comes on when the level is low, but on some bikes, it may not work. It's best to check the level visually every so often. If the oil pump is not working, you can always premix your oil in the gas, but this is a real pain.

Hope this helps...

Dave Jaehne

PS: I don't suppose you would know where I could get a copy of an owners manual and/or a shop manual for a QT50 do you?


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